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The Lake Guy is your source for information about lake science, lake life and lake advocacy – advice you can use to help protect the lakes you love, or influence policies that affect lakes across your county, region or state.

Here you can find books about lakes, learn about presentations for your lake district or association, and access items for your newsletters and other publications. I hope you find these resources useful. Please inquire if you have questions or want more information.


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Get material ranging from short educational items to full-length article to help your lake group members understand and appreciate the lake you love. All material provided at no charge.

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Schedule in-person or virtual presentations on a variety of topics related to lake science, lake issues, and lake protection.

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Learn about lake life and lake science, the stresses that threaten our lakes, and what we can do to protect our water resources. Autographed copies are available if ordered directly rather than online -- contact The Lake Guy.

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