Learn about lake science, keys to protecting the lakes you love, and the wonders of inland lakes, Lake Michigan, and the natural world.
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Ripple Effects: How We’re Loving Our Lakes to Death

Learn about the threats to our inland lakes – invasive species, nutrient pollution, over- development, climate change, and more – and things you can do to safeguard the lakes for today and generations to come.

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A Lakeside Companion

An every person’s guide to lake life and lake science. Learn about the basics of lake biology and chemistry, and the plants, fish, birds, animals and other life in the water and on shore.

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On The Pond: Lake Michigan Reflections

This collection of short writings evokes a strong sense of place and portrays Lake Michigan in all of its many moods.

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Notes From Little Lakes, by Mel Ellis

In a time of rapid change and transient lifestyles, Notes from Little Lakes is a testament to the rewards of staying in one place to live and work in partnership with nature.

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