A Lakeside Companion

The University of Wisconsin Press


ISBN: 978-0299320003
Pages: 224
Size: 6 x 9

Whether you fish, paddle, swim or just enjoy sunsets on the water, A Lakeside Companion will deepen your appreciation for your favorite lake and the teeming life in, on, above and around it. Written in language accessible to anyone, this book describes the basics of lake biology and chemistry, along with the fish, birds, animals and other creatures that populate the water and surroundings. Chapters also cover water plants, the life of lakes in winter, and best practices to promote the health of your lake and live in harmony with it.

“Delivers the magic of lake living while conveying water science topics in a clear and engaging way. Whether you are on the lake¬shore or far away, it will bring you back to the waters you love. A great read.” – Michael Engleson, Executive Director Wisconsin Lakes

“For anyone who enjoys lakes and is looking for deeper understanding of lakes and how all the pieces fit together, A Lakeside Companion is a must.” – Lakeland Times, Minocqua WI