Every Wisconsin waterway has a story. You can read them here.

People are always more interesting if you know their back story. The same is true of the lakes and streams we love. Now author Scott Spoolman has brought us the back stories of our state’s lake, rivers, waterfalls and wetlands. His book, Wisconsin Waters (Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2022) presents a tour of the geologic, natural and human stories around these waters, from millions of years ago to more recent times. In the voice of an expert storyteller, Spoolman describes the volcanic eruptions, ancient seas, erosion, glaciers and other forces that created these bodies of water and the habitats they provided for the state’s indigenous people and its plant and animal life.

Spoolman divides the presentation into four regions of Wisconsin and highlights available modern evidence of how the waters were formed. He includes 19 travel guides that tell how to explore selected waterscapes. These journeys promise to give readers a better understanding of the land’s history and enhance enjoyment of and appreciation for the state’s abundant freshwater resources. Spoolman is a science writer who focuses on environmental science and natural histories of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. He is also the author of Wisconsin State Parks: Extraordinary Stories of Geology and Natural History. Visit here to find out more.