Wisconsin Examiner reports on new “Ripple Effects” book

Love of lakes is “a double-edged sword, and the way we treat our lakes can cause irrevocable damage, preventing them from being enjoyed by future generations.” That observation highlights a Wisconsin Examiner article/review of “Ripple Effects,” the new book by the host of The Lake Guy,

“The book, published by the University of Wisconsin Press…jumps between personal anecdotes about families fishing pristine waters on one of the thousands of lakes across the three states, the science of water quality. and the threats posed by increased development, government deregulation, invasive species and climate change,” writes reporter Henry Redman.

“Rulseh devotes much of the book to the reasons people are drawn to the lakes and the family traditions that spring up around them… Throughout the book, Rulseh makes a forceful argument that the connection upper Midwesterners have with the lakes is important, and the power of that connection should be directed toward constructive solutions to the many — often man-made — challenges those lakes face.”

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