Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention set for April 19-21

The 45th annual Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention will be held April 19-21 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Stevens Point. The theme for the 2023 gathering is “Building Trust Around Water Together.” Trust is an important part of everyday life: We have trust in our family members, friends, neighbors, healthcare professionals, teachers, and many others in our communities. Trust is something that is earned and that can be lost.

 The 2023 convention invites attendees to build new relationships with people, groups, businesses, and organizations so as to improve collaboration and cooperation around the lakes and rivers, in our watersheds, and across Wisconsin. The convention is part of Wisconsin Water Week and is presented by the Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Partnership. Attendees can learn from respected experts, grassroots organizers, and passionate water advocates; engage by way of the workshops and interactive discussion sessions; and enhance their networks of water-focused professionals.